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CD-ROM ''Cappadocia - Land of rock-cut Churches and Volcanoes''

This CD Rom production was suggested by the project director of the Cappadocia Academy, Dr Andus Emge in the year 2000 during the first platform_c meeting. Together with archaeologist Dr Jurgen Suss and his experienced programming team from MediaCultura they realised the production of this CD-ROM to provide well researched and detailed historic, geological and anthropological information on the Cappadocia region as well as animated maps, 360° panoramic views, lots of photographs and little documentary movie clips.


''Cappadocia - Land of rock-cut Churches and Volcanoes''

Published 2004 by:

MediaCultura, Brühl
19,90 Euro (plus porto)
Englisch, German
ISBN 978-3-00-013413-5

Like no other region in the world, Cappadocia in the heart of Turkey unites a fairytale landscape with gorgeous Byzantine cave churches, Hittite stone reliefs, Roman ruins, splendid Seljuk caravanserais, and adventurous underground cities. Highlight of the multimedia CD is a virtual tour through a 1,000 years old dwelling cave system by the anthropologist Andus Emge and the traditional daily life of the region around Göreme. Cappadocia belongs to the world heritage.

The CD contains:

* 50 interactive 360 degree panoramical views

* 4 sequences of a documentary film

* 6 picture animations

* 2 rotating objects

* more than 600 illustrations

* scientifically information on culture, art, and landscape

* interactive maps and timeline

* extensive bibliography

* print option

main screen
interactive timeline
interactive map

System requirement:

PC Pentium II at least 233 MHz, Windows 98/NT4.0/2000/ME/XP
64 MB RAM, CD-ROM, 16 bit sound,
resolution 800 x 600 with ca. 32.000 colors

Mac, Power PC G3, OS 8.6 or higher (OS X in Classic Mode)
64 MB RAM, CD-ROM, 16 bit sound,
resolution 800 x 600 with ca. 32.000 colors cover of the Cappadocia CD

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