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The Cappadocia Academy Guesthouse

The "Fairy Chimney" guesthouse is located at the upper south-west end of the village Goreme in the heart of Cappadocia. Big parts of it are carved out of one of these famous tufa rock cones, which are locally called 'fairy chimneys' (peri bahcasi). The "Fairy Chimney Inn" is restored in a traditional way and tries to combine original local style and modern function. Most of the rooms are equipped with under-floor radiation heating and unique "Hamam" like bathrooms and provide a high level of individual authenticity. We also provide a WIFI-Network, but of course you can also use the internet with our public iMac computer.

The guesthouse is run by locally-born and lively Gülcan and was established by her German husband, the cultural and visionary anthropologist Andus Emge, who studied the traditional cave architecture and village life as well as the social changes and the development of tourism in Cappadocia during the 1980s.

Gülcan with her team prepares delicious breakfast buffets (with home-made jams, fruit, cerials & different kind of eggs etc.), so you can enjoy the best views directly from the breakfast terrace. There is also an opportunity to have dinner at our house on request, so you can experience Gülcan's famous home made cuisine (also vegetarian) inside or outside on the terrace with lovely views by day or night. Our local knowledge and the private atmosphere will provide you with an exclusive individual experience.

Staying at the FCI also means that you can set out on unforgettable walks into Cappadocia’s valleys, with their lunar landscapes, the famous tufa caves, old byzantine churches and 'fairy chimneys' directly behind our house. The village centre with the main bus stop, various shops, pharmacy, post office, ATM's, restaurants and bars can easily be reached by walking within ten minutes.



An ideal way to prepare for and remember your trip to Cappadocia:

CD-Rom produced by MediaCultura, the Cappadocia Academy and Andus Emge:

'Cappadocia, Land of Rock-cut Churches and Volcanoes'

Surely the most informative CD-Rom you can find about Cappadocia.
Scientifically founded background information on culture, art and landscape. More than 600 illustrations, 360° panoramas, videos, interactive maps & timeline (flash), sound, print option, bibliographical notes, index etc.   >>>>>>

download our Folder: PDF   72 DPI - 304 KB
download our Folder: PDF 300 DPI - 11 MB