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The "Fairy Chimney Inn" is owned by Andus Emge and his wife Gülcan Yücedogan-Emge as the guesthouse of the "Cappadocia Academy". Andus & Gülcan offer some of their many rooms in their 'fairy chimney' to visitors from all over the world providing them with an individual insight into the unique local housing tradition inside these Cappadocian caves.

With our comprehensive local knowledge, we are best qualified to advise you on planning your trips in Cappadocia. Our wide range of contacts and years of regional experience will ensure that you receive the best service and we can help you find the travel experiences that will best fit in with your personal interests. Our aim is to make your stay in Cappadocia as enjoyable as possible. Maintaining our house‘s friendly and family kind of atmosphere is important to us and we welcome all kinds of questions and suggestions.

Gülcan is the boss of the FCI and was born in Göreme, but grew up and lived in the big city of Kayseri for about 25 yeas. After meeting Andus while she was visiting her parents village, both of them decided to live together a kind of 'modern' multicultural village life mainly based around tourism and practical anthropology.

Together with Andus, she established the "Kapadokya Akademy Ltd. Sti" to be the frame of their business activities. Gülcan is now managing the FCI guesthouse, which she runs in a lively mood together with her brother Ünal and our long year helper Duran as well as other staff.

photograph by Ralph Gabriner,© 2006

German born Andus moved to Cappadocia in 1998. After restoring the old cave-house(which is now the site of the "Fairy Chimney Inn", Andus established the Cappadocia Academy as an independent forum and network of regional experts platform_c together with other professionals and artists from all over the world focusing on different pilot projects and studies concerning this unique UNESCO world heritage site.

After meeting Gülcan, they decided to built up and run the FCI as a guesthouse for our multiple guests from all over the world. Andus did most of the visionary planing and restoration work and is responsible for the representation, further development strategies and marketing. He also continues with some personal studies and casual writings on Cappadocia as well as he initiates little project sudies, workshops and documentary work.

As an Ethnologist, Andus published his Ph.D. thesis on the change of traditional cave habitat in Göreme at Heidelberg University in 1989. He also produced a documentary film about the traditional live in Cappadocia for German TV (SWF III). After some years of teaching at Heidelberg University, occasional tour guiding and five years of scientific work at the ethnographic "Rautenstrauch-Joest-Museum" in Cologne, Andus returned to Göreme to carry out further studies on social change.