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Local architecture and restoration

With the uprise of tourism in the middle of the 1980's many old traditional house of the Cappadocian villages had been changed to either simple guest houses or nowadays more and more sophisticated so called 'boutique' hotels. Even not all examples of new built constructions or restoration do take into account the subregional architectural characteristica of the different Cappadocian villages at least this protects many of the builds of further deterioration despite the fact that the danger of unthoughtful building activities for the toursim marked implies an obvious danger of 'disneylandisation'.

Local architecture and restoration
The Cappadocia Academy is documenting different local dwelling types during many years and has long experience in doing simple quality, but regional adapted restoration work.

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Cappadocia Restoration Guidelines
In 2007 the architect Anita Bakshi prepared a little booklet on 'Cappadocia Restoration Guidelines' with advice from the Cappadocia Academy and was published in Turkish language by «EKŠL, the Turkish Foundation for the Promotion and Protection of the Environment and Cultural Heriatage under the title: 'Kapadokya Onarim Rehberi'. The booklet is published in Istanbul, 2007 under the ISBN: 978-9944-5625-2-2

An English translation of these very helpful Cappadocia Restoration Guidelines can be downloaded here as a PDF file (2,7 MB)